Brand Sensemaker works with organisations that have multiple stakeholders, helping them cut through the day-to-day detail and business language that holds them back to start looking at the big picture in a way that is meaningful and actionable.

We do this by –

  • Uniting their people with a shared purpose
  • Positioning their brand with meaningful messaging that inspires their people and customers
  • Growing their businesses intelligently in alignment with who they are and what the market wants and needs from them.


Each of our services is a combination of consulting, workshop facilitation, research and strategy development.

We believe in strategy that is meaningful and actionable with clear initiatives you can implement throughout your business operations, brand offer and communications.


Shared Purpose for Brands and Organisations

We uncover your shared purpose with the right facilitation that gets everyone in your organisation on the same page, uniting your people through shared beliefs and opinions, identifying your ideal customers and defining your biggest opportunities. This starts the journey of brand alignment with purpose within your organisation that feeds into your brand strategy and positioning.


Brand Strategy & Positioning

Using our unique sensemaking ability we draw insights from large and disparate information sources – such as qualitative research, business strategy documents, annual reports, current marketing, competitor landscape, customer feedback and the perspectives of your leadership teams and wider groups of employees – distilling the findings into a cohesive and compelling brand proposition that is meaningful and inspiring.

The result, a strategic plan for innovation, diversification and messaging that will help you stand out in the crowd and grow your business intelligently.


Operating on Purpose Throughout Your Organisation

A powerful step in purpose driven innovation and idea generation – once your shared purpose is uncovered and defined  we facilitate you and your leadership team to identify the areas in your organisation that:

  •  are already aligned with your purpose,
  •  the areas that need to change and what that means, and
  •  where the biggest opportunities are to live, operate and communicate more purposefully throughout your organisation.

Specific areas of focus are perception, culture, capability and offer.


For agencies

All of our services and facilitation are available as a white label into your creative agency.


Speaking at events

Need an inspiring speaking for your next industry or association event?

Sarah is an accomplished speaker and presenter who always delivers more value than people expect. She offers talks on Shared Purpose for Brands and Organisations, knowing your Brands True Strengths and the 8 Essentials You Need to Know Before You Design Anything.


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